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Tchukudu Kids Home

UNICEF estimates there is an estimated 5.1 million orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Orphaned by poverty and war, many children are left to fend for themselves on the streets, are recruited as child soldiers, or forced to work as modern-day slaves. We are dedicated to abolishing these dark fates and creating a safe place for children to dream of a brighter future.

The Tchukudu Kids Home (TKH) was built in 2013 and was our first project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Opening exactly one year after Heather and Kizungu met, the initial group of 16 children had grown to over 80. To accommodate this significant increase, Kizungu found "welcome homes," a concept similar to foster families, that offer safe housing and care in community homes. TKH houses 30 of the youngest children, with over 105 adolescents and young adults housed in Welcome Homes

The Impact


Youth living safely in Welcome Homes


Children & youth
safe from violence


Children living at TKH


Children & youth receiving free education


Meals provided per year


USD / month to sponsor 

Welcome Homes were created as a solution for safety challenges. Housing older children and youth at TKH would make the home a target for rebel groups recruiting child soldiers. By placing older children and youth in community homes, the target is removed as younger children and families are less desirable by rebels. In return for accepting another child into their home, Welcome Families are able to send one of their children to the Jonathan Holiday School free of charge.

All the children and youth in our care receive quality education, access to healthcare, three meals a day, and care from House Mamas who look after their every need. It is our responsibility to ensure these young Congolese know they are safe and loved - a task we take seriously, with great pride.

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