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Agriculture Project

Goma, the capital city of the North Kivu region in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, is located near to active volcano, Mount Nyiragongo. Due to it's eruptions, most of Goma's land is infertile making agriculture near impossible. In order to ensure our women and children are receiving proper nutrition, we purchased 6 plots of land on near-by Idjwi Island to grow our own produce. Excess produce is then sold at the local market and profits are reinvested into our projects.

Not only does our agriculture project provide food but it also creates jobs, local ownership and sustainability to our DRCongo projects.

The Impact


Agricultural tools provided


Different vegetables and legumes grown each year


Locally-owned plots


People receiving harvest


Harvests per year


USD made per year to reinvest in our projects

In addition to purchasing fertile land, we also support a Pygmy community on Idjwi Island.​ Pygmies are one of Africa's oldest indigenous people. Many pygmy communities have been pushed out of their native land as they have no legal titles; most relocated to uncultivable land. One such community was brought to our attention, as they heard about support provided to other communities on Idjwi Island and felt excluded. After hosting a village meeting and listening to their concerns and challenges, we created an action plan. We provided over 100 hoes to assist with cultivation, assured them partial ownership of our plots and continue to strengthen our relationship with this highly stigmatized community through equal access to healthcare and education.

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