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Routes Academy

The Routes Academy is located on Idjwi Island, DRCongo. As of 2013, Ijwi Island was estimated to have a population of 280,000 citizens. Often called "Africa's Forgotten Island", the people of Idjwi experience significant challenges especially in accessing education. Most children cannot read or write as may families cannot afford to send their children to school.

Attending a local meeting, the need for quality, affordable education was the driving forcing behind the Routes Academy. This school will provide free primary school education to residents of Idjwi. This is just the first step of empowering the next generation on this Forgotten Island. Our long-term plan is to offer secondary schooling as well.

School has begun for 214 children in first and second grade. Waiting for the building to be completed, a temporary structure has been built out of bamboo and tarps. This has allowed for 214 children in first and second grade to start their education, as of September 2018. 

The Routes Academy is scheduled to open September 2019. 

Routes Academy is sponsored and funded by Routes Adventures in Canada. Owner of Routes Adventures, Victoria Pearson, is passionate about education and ways to educate girls. When the opportunity arose for a partnership to support a school, Victoria jumped at the chance. 

Thank you Victoria and Routes Adventures, for making this possible.

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