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One Ndoto translates from Swahili to “one dream”. Founded by American Shay Bell in 2011, One Ndoto is a 501(c)3 American registered charity, dedicated to providing education in the developing world, one dream at a time.

Born out of the desire to provide the skills necessary for a bright future, One Ndoto believes education, not only in its formal structure, is crucial. Working with local communities, One Ndoto identifies at-risk and vulnerable populations that have been overlooked by the system. Alternative, informal education programs are developed by talented local leaders, to provide access to skills that will propel these populations to self-sufficiency and -sustainability. One Ndoto provides program development coaching, professional development opportunities, accountability and transparency, with the ultimate goal of phasing out involvement so local ownership can take over.


One Ndoto's flagship project is the Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club located in Moshi, Tanzania. Focusing on one of the area's most vulnerable and underserved populations, street-connected children and youth, together with a strong team of local Tanzanians, One Ndoto provides educational, vocational, arts- and sports-based training to promote children and youth to self-sustainability.


While we could not do the work we do without the support of our donors, our ultimate goal is for all our projects to be self-sustaining. This promotes local empowerment and ensure project longevity.

local empowerment

More than just local involvement, participation or engagement, we believe in locals taking action and ownership over our projects to control the social, cultural and political narrative. 


No idea is too "out there". We believe that the only way we can grow and continue to serve those that need it most, is to push boundaries and get creative.

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