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Jonathan Holiday School

While the Democratic Republic of the Congo boasts a high enrolment rate of children and youth in school, completion of compulsory primary school is achieved by less than 50% of students. The average school life expectancy of a Congolese student is 9 years. An outdated system, under-paid staff, a volatile social climate and lack of funds are just the tip of the iceberg of challenges facing the Congolese education system.

The Jonathan Holiday School opened in 2016 as a solution to some of these challenges. Offering quality education to students in the city of Goma, we are proud to have over 300 students enrolled as of 2018. Currently we provide education for grades 1 through 8, and offer sponsorship for secondary students, grades 9 - 12. Teaching 8 grades in 3 classrooms and one make-shift classroom, we have plans to build 3 more classrooms in 2019. The cost of this project is approximated at $60,000USD. Please contact us today if you are entered in facilitating this need. 

Our teachers are paid a fair salary that they can count of receiving monthly. A safe learning environment is our number one priority, which our entire team is dedicated to supporting.

The Impact


Notebooks & pencils provided per year


Pass rate for National Comparative Test in 2018


Student attending JHS primary school


USD / year to sponsor a
primary school student


Reliable jobs created


USD / year to sponsor a
secondary school student

All primary school students from the Tchukudu Kids Home are enrolled at the Jonathan Holiday School. One child from each Welcome Family and one child of each woman in the Tchukudu Women's Training Centre are also enrolled. Remaining places are then offered to community members.

Currently, the Jonathan Holiday School only provides classes to primary school-aged children. Youth entitled to education through support from the Tchukudu Kids Home whom have graduated from primary school are enrolled at a local secondary school. Our goal is to construct a secondary school so we can educate children and youth throughout their school lifespan.

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