Isolation is a Gift

With the spread of coronavirus, we are all coming to terms with a new normal. Our routines have been altered, we're told to stay away from our friends and family, and everything feels just a little uncertain.


What we may not think of, is that it's a privilege to isolate. It's a privilege to have a safe shelter to stay in. It's a privilege to be able to work from home; or have the social assistance programs to sustain oneself. To have enough food to last the weeks needed to isolate, and not worry about running out.


These privileges are not available to the youth that access Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club (PTBGC). Our youth commonly sleep in crowded rooms. The money they make by working each day ($2-3) is used to purchase food for that day. Price gauging is not illegal and the price of soap, sanitizers, masks and gloves have skyrocketed, making these necessary items financially unobtainable.


Our commitment remains strong to the team in Tanzania. We aim to raise $2000USD to ensure our PTBGC partners are taken care of and have the personal protective equipment they need.

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