Leisure  /vs/  Livelihood

It's a warm and sunny spring day. The open roads are calling to you. It's a perfect day to ride.

Motorcycles are a symbol of freedom; an ability to explore; a way to release your worries. What if a motorcycle was the only way to provide a sustainable life for yourself and your family? And that it was completely out of your financial reach.

Frankie Matey has been an active member of One Ndoto's Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club since opening in 2013. Seizing every opportunity provided to him, Frankie has absorbed the knowledge and skills to be a successful entrepreneur. Venturing out on his to create an income on his own, Frankie has worked as a mobile clothing salesman; a dancer performing at weddings, birthdays and special events; and, most recently a bodaboda driver. A bodaboda driver is a motorcycle taxi that is one of the most common and affordable transportation methods in Tanzania. While these jobs have provided some income, none have been reliable or enough to support himself, his mother and three siblings. 

Currently, Frankie has to rent a motorcycle to work. Frankie must pay almost 80% of his weekly income in rent leaving $10-15 a week to cover all his basic needs; as well as the needs of those he supports. This is simply not a sustainable income. Frankie has worked desperately hard to establish himself as a safe and reliable driver in the town of Moshi. Where most drivers are high or under the influence of alcohol, Frankie is a sober and safe driver with the appropriate safety gear not only for himself, but his passengers as well. In a culture where trust can be a challenge, Frankie is a trustworthy individual with pure motives. 

Typically, One Ndoto focuses on providing support in educational contexts. But when we see someone with passion; someone who has utilized every opportunity provided, and; a person willing to put in the effort, we put ourselves out there for them. Frankie is just this person.

We are raising the funds needed for Frankie to purchase his own motorcycle. This will increase his weekly income to almost $50/week; a sustainable and reliable income. Frankie is currently saving money to purchase this motorcycle which will contribute to the purchasing price. We need to raise $1300USD to facilitate Frankie becoming sustainable through being a motorcycle taxi driver.

Will you join us? Donate today! Every dollar counts.

How can you get involved?

We want to spread the word of leisure vs livelihood. Let's get creative and raise awareness through fundraising campaigns. Here's some ways you can get involved - recruit your bike-loving buddies!

  • hit up your local motorcycle club

  • plan a charity ride in your community - what are the highlights you would drive to?

  • do you have some old motorcycle gear you no longer use or need? Why not sell it and donate the proceeds?

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